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About us

Philipp Aebin

Expert in Business Administration

Accredited Audit Expert under Swiss regulation. Longtime experience in administration and advise for private clients and small and medium-sized business. Partner of SRG Schweizerische Treuhandgesellschaft AG - SRG Swiss Audit Corporation Ltd.

+41 (0)61 826 10 71

Jolanda Aebin

Senior Employee in Business Administration

Longtime experience in administration and advise of private clients and small companies.

+41 (0)61 826 10 72

Daniela Zimmermann

Certified professional in business administration

For all tax issues, accounting, financial statements and salary administration.

+41 (0)61 826 10 74

Marc Fischer

Controller and Accountant

Trainee for business administration including financial reporting, audit, tax and salary.

+41 (0)61 826 10 75

Christine Grieder


Supports us in all backoffice and administrative tasks, client accountings and tax filings for

+41 (0)61 826 10 70



We actively maintain an excellent national and international network. It's for your advantage.

+41 (0) 61 826 10 70